We offer a wide variety of classes that directly cater to all ages:

  • Ballet: Always one of our most popular and well-known classes, our classical ballet class is taught by an instructor from Pas De Vie Ballet. In this class, campers will begin learning the basics of classical ballet as well as techniques and routines. Students participating in afterschool classes may want to invest in ballet clothes, however campers enrolled in spring, summer, or winter camps won’t need to bring any materials. www.pasdevieballet.com
  • Jazz: A Pas De Vie instructor also provides instructor for our jazz classes. Campers will learn dynamics of jazz music and dance techniques and routines that accompany this popular style of music. No additional materials are needed for campers!
  • Creative Movement: This course is more suited for our younger campers or beginners. Students will learn the basics of dance and will begin understanding broad techniques and styles that correspond with all kinds of music! Your camper won’t need any materials or special equipment.