Karate School

Our Skilled Instructors Teach Kids Safe Self Defense
Techniques While Instilling Principles of Self Discipline.

Day Camps

Our Camps Are All-Inclusive and Are Specially
Designed To Keep Your Child Entertained and Engaged!

Summer Camp

Summer Camp Starts Soon!
Our Camp Is All Inclusive.


Why Choose ARTS?

ARTS is the perfect safe, healthy, supportive and welcoming environment for all children to experience!

Tallahassee After School

Our Instructors

Our instructors are the heart of ARTS. They each have unique talents and passions that they can’t wait to share with the students. Once you meet them, you’ll know exactly what we mean! We look forward to the opportunity to meet your family and to being a part of your child’s success.

Tallahassee After School

After School

Our after school program offers a variety of classes all under one roof! Students participate in classes based off of a custom weekly schedule designed by ARTS that meets the learning needs of each child and the desires of the parent(s). Students participate in two classes per day.

Tallahassee Day Camps


Our camps offer a wide array of activities target varying age groups from ages 5 to 13. Camp days have a well rounded set of classes including art, sewing, karate, gymnastics, music, dance, language and more! Choose our day camps or seasonal camps.

What Parents Are Saying

“As an over-protective, single parent, who works full-time to ensure that my children are well-educated and well-rounded, I was looking for an after-school program that offered more than just pick-up services and baby-sitting. I found it with ARTS Afterschool.  ARTS has been an absolute blessing to my family. The after-school pick-up service & homework assistance, combined with a wide variety of enrichment activities allows me to rest a little easier knowing that my child is in a trusted and nurturing environment all while being exposed to a variety of enrichment activities.”

Single mom of one

“I was stressed out trying to find extra-curricular activities for my children that sparked their interest, matched our schedules, and fit into my budget. We found all that and more at ARTS Afterschool. The services offered by ARTS (i.e. after school pick-up, homework assistance, music, dance, visual & martial arts) save parents time, money, and stress. Big THANKS to Ms. Carla, Ms. Alicia, and the rest of the staff at ARTS Afterschool.”

Step mom of three