Common Ground Preschool and VPK program

Introducing our new Common Ground Preschool and VPK program

In response to increased demand Foundation4ARTS is now offering an in- person program designed to support our youngest of learners. Families tell us they have peace of mind knowing their precious young ones are safe, learning, and having fun thus  allowing parents to focus while they are at work and knowing they will enjoy quality time with their children at the end of the day. We regularly hear how our students are blossoming and learning under our care!

Help Is Here

One of the most difficult choices a parent has to make is where to place their child for early education. Foundation4ARTS’ Common Ground Preschool is here to help. We are a play-based program designed to foster a love of learning while building core competencies needed for success in adulthood. The teaching staff at common ground brings 25+ years of experience. We believe that learning through play and discovery results in meaningful foundations for future learning. Our primary goal is to have each child know that they matter and that learning can be fun and amazing. We are a trilingual school. Students will be introduced to American Sign Language and Spanish every day through songs, regular vocabulary, and imaginative play. 

Why is our program unique?



Research has shown we are social creatures and develop best, and live longer, happier lives when we regularly engage with others. COVID has changed our world so that we must now be cautious and strategic when being face-to-face with others. However, our need for community and human contact has not diminished. The ARTS program was specifically created to safely foster socialization.


Our facility is fully equipped with HALO systems integrated into all of our HVAC system which have been proven to eliminate COVID and other viruses. What this means, is our students are breathing clean air. We also sanitize the facility regularly and ensure children are not sharing materials to prevent the spread of illness. Steam cleaning us used daily on hard surfaces in addition to standard cleaning practices.

Small Groups

Out of an abundance of caution we have lowered our student to teacher ratio to 13 children to two staff members. We have chosen to keep class sizes smaller so that our instruction can be individualized and intentional.


We will follow whatever guidance is provided by Leon County schools in regards to mask requirements.


From 7:00AM to 6:00PM.

Drop off Procedures

For your convenience and safety, Students are dropped and pick up at the front of the building. Please call the office at area code 850-878-2787 for more specific instructions.



$740/month with a 1 year contract for 3’s and $513.00 for wraparound VPK. Annual registration fee applies.



For your child’s safety, allergies considerations, and personal dietary preference, ARTS does not provide food. We ask two snack, a ready-to-eat lunch, and refillable water bottle be provided from home daily. Please keep in mind, students are active and will get hungry!

Ready To Sign Up?

Have more questions about our common ground program question ready to sign up? We’d love to discuss this exciting new edition with you so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

ARTS Vision

Foundation4ARTS is a vibrant learning community comprised of passionate, educators and students. Together we strive to ignite creativity and fuel success creating a ripple effect for generations to come.